Discover Nursing Jobs in Finland: Work in the Happiest Country in the World

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a new opportunity? Consider working in Finland, the happiest country in the world!

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Are you a healthcare professional looking for a new opportunity? Consider working in Finland, the happiest country in the world!

Finland is an attractive destination for those seeking nursing jobs in the social and healthcare industry with a high standard of living and excellent working conditions. At Barona, we offer a wide range of nursing jobs in Finland. We are looking for registered nurses, practical nurses, and other healthcare industry professionals to work in care homes and hospitals across the country. We also have positions available for caregivers.

What does Barona offer for nurses in Finland?


Free language training


Language skills have a significant impact on working and enjoying yourself at work. Knowing the Finnish language helps you to adapt to the work community, create social contacts and enjoy your work. Our online Finnish language training is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Finnish, regardless of profession, life situation, or initial level of language skills. You can participate in online training from anywhere. The studies focus on the development of language skills needed at work. If you want to do some work on your Finnish skills beforehand, our article about the Finnish language has a few tips for you.


Relocation services

Our relocation services give you a smooth transition and settlement in your new home country. We can arrange temporary accommodation and airport transfers and help you find your new home if necessary. We don’t forget your family either: we help them settle in Finland and provide career guidance. Our international employment and relocation team will help and support you through your employment. We will help you apply for a residence permit, help you with your tax card and bank account, and advise you with anything related to your employment or living in Finland. During your first weeks working in Finland, you will complete an online course developed to familiarize yourself with Finland and the Finnish culture.


Safe employment

Established in 1999, Barona is the leading private employment agency in Finland. In addition to Finland, we operate in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland, and Slovakia. Every year, we employ over 30 000 people. We have experience employing people and caring for our employees. Our direct-hire customers are well-esteemed companies and organizations with whom we cooperate closely at every phase of the recruitment and relocation process.


Possibility of a long-term job

Great employees are hard to come by, and the Finnish healthcare sector needs qualified employees on all levels of healthcare. Generally, employment in the social and healthcare sector gives you a possibility for long-term jobs in the same care home or hospital.


Five reasons to work in Finland


Working in Finland is safe

In Finland, employers follow laws and labor agreements. This shields your status as an employee. Also. it is possible to later apply for citizenship and stay in the country permanently. We recruit social and healthcare professionals for long-term employment in care homes and hospitals within the private and public sectors.


Finland is the happiest country in the world

According to the World Happiness Report, Finland is the happiest country in the world. Things have influenced why Finland has won the title for the past four years: small income and wealth gaps, free education, and a stable society.


Quality of life is high

Finland is the third-best country in the world regarding quality of life. Basically, this means that basic human needs and the foundations of well-being, such as health care, sanitation, housing, and education, are high quality. We also value freedom and cherish free speech and personal rights.


We value free time

In Finland, work-life balance is essential, and everyone appreciates free time. This means that our work-life balance also supports people to enjoy time with friends and family and enables different hobbies. Life in Finland is not all about work but life outside of work. And the most important thing is you can bring your family here!


Outstanding nature

Finland’s unique nature, with its four seasons, allows you to enjoy snowy and magical winter nights and the never-ending light and warmth of Midsummer. You can roam freely and enjoy versatile nature from the southern tip of the country’s archipelago to the fells in Lapland and 168 000 pure lakes and pristine forests.

Read more in our article about the reasons to work in Finland.


How to get a job in Finland as a nurse?

The first thing you should do is check out our open nursing positions.

We constantly have new positions opening up, so don't hesitate in registering to our site and filling in your profile info. You can also sign yourself up in our nursing pool, which we use to find relevant candidates and offer them jobs quickly. The Finnish healthcare system has certain requirements for people working there, so please be specific about your previous education, the skills you have and your language skills. After our recruiters have found you in the applicant list or talent pool, we'll contact you and find a suitable job for you.



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