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We at Barona are one of Scandinavia’s leading recruitment and relocation companies. We help thousands of people each year to find jobs in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

We offer jobs in many industries, such as nursing, cook and waiter, welding, CNC programming and operation, and dozens of other positions!

Find your dream job now and start working in the Nordics!


If you’re interested in applying for a job in the Nordics, take a look at this online course and get one step ahead in the application process

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What it is like to work in the Nordics?

Working in Finland

Check out what you need to know about what it’s like to work in the happiest country in the world!

Working in Sweden

Learn all you need to know about working in the nation famed for its flat hierarchy at work.

Working in Denmark

Read what it’s like to work in a country where there are more bicycles than people!

Working in Norway

Explore working in the country with vast natural beauty and innovative society!

Zdjęcie - pielęgniarka z Filipin w Finlandii w zimowej scenerii
“Thanks to Barona’s assistance, I was able to relocate to Finland and start working in my dream job in a nursing home. Barona made it possible for me to live in the world’s happiest country.”
Cyndy, registered nurse from Philippines
Zdjęcie - operator CNC w Finlandii na wakacjach
“My colleagues are my biggest motivator. We have super friendly relationships, and I love coming to work because of them. In addition, I’m learning new things every day!”
Jaroslav, CNC Machinist from Slovakia
Razel, pielęgniarka z Filipin pracująca w Finlandii. Zdjęcie zrobione w Helsinkach.
“I’ve found Finnish people to be friendly, calm, and helpful. My coworkers and patients teach me Finnish all the time, and I love it when they teach me new words”
Razel, a Filipino nurse
Zdjęcie Zaidy, która pracuje jako kelnerka na sezon zimowy w Laponii.
“It’s been quite an adventure to live in Finland. My social skills have gotten a lot better here. My coworkers are from all over the world, so I’ve learned a lot about other cultures. Also, I got to see how well-balanced and safe Finnish work life is.”
Zaida, a Spanish waitress in Lapland
Ragul, operator CNC pracujący w Finlandii
“The people I work with in Finland are kind and helpful. Thanks to the people at Barona, it was easy for me to adjust to Finland. Now, they are even helping my wife find a job in Finland so that our whole family can live in one place.”
Ragul, a CNC machinist from India

Relocating to Finland

Are you thinking about getting a job in Finland and relocating here? Great! There are a lot of job opportunities, and we can help you settle in and build your life and career here. Our employee relocation services will get you off to a good start in your new country.

Illustration photo of the aurora borealis in Norway.

Interested in
working in the Nordics?

Experience the Nordic culture, beautiful nature, and top-notch working life. Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are known for their flat hierarchy, work and free time balance, and open and functional societies. Read what it’s like to work in Scandinavia.