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An image of the landscape in Helsinki.


Have you ever considered moving to a place where you can enjoy nature, the latest technology, and a slower pace of life? The capital of Finland, Helsinki, might be your dream place to go. Helsinki is near the Baltic Sea and surrounded by islands and dense forests. It has a nice mix of urban culture and natural beauty. Public transportation makes it easy to get around the area. Trains, buses, and trams move frequently. Read what it is like to work in Helsinki!

Culture of Work in Helsinki

The Finns are known for how hard they work. They respect being on time, working hard, and being responsible. You’re not just getting a paycheck when you get a job in Helsinki. You’re also becoming part of a society that values individuality and encourages working as a team. Imagine a place where meetings start on time and the promise of a weekend without work really comes true.

People in Finland crossing a street in Helsinki


Work life balance, responsibility and reliability are some of the features in the Finnish work culture. Read more!

Benefits of Working in Helsinki

Quality of life

It’s no secret that Helsinki always comes high on rankings of quality of life around the world. It’s hard to find a reason not to love living and working here. The public transportation is excellent, the health care is top-notch, and there’s a lot to do culturally.

The balance between work and life

How does leaving work at 5 p.m. in the summer while it’s still light sound? Or, you could enjoy the thrill of winter sports just a few steps from your house. The focus on balancing work and life in Helsinki makes sure that people work hard but play even harder.

Safety and Security

Did you know that Finland ranks among the safest countries in the world? As a worker in Helsinki, you can rest easy knowing that you and your rights are protected.

Jobs in Helsinki

Since Helsinki is the capital of Finland, many of the country’s biggest companies have offices there or nearby Espoo and Vantaa. About 30% of Finns live in the Helsinki Metropolitan area, which includes the capital and other towns near it. This means, of course, that there are a lot of job openings in the area. 

Healthcare jobs in Helsinki

Helsinki and Finland are proud of their public health care system, which is available to everyone who lives there. Because there are so many services for all people, there are also a lot of jobs in the healthcare industry in Finland.

One of Finland’s most significant hospital areas is the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). HUS has state-of-the-art buildings and leads many medical research projects, which brings in a lot of talented people. Since the city’s healthcare facilities are constantly growing, there is always a need for doctors and nurses. Nurses and other health workers are very important to the healthcare system in Helsinki. There are many different parts to their jobs, from taking care of patients to doing study and administrative work.

Even though many people in Helsinki speak English, it can be helpful to know Finnish or Swedish, especially in hospital settings where patients often talk to each other.


If you are a health care professional and looking for a job in Finland, take a look at our open nursing jobs in Finland page!

Picture of a woman working as a nurse in Finland.

Helsinki IT jobs

Helsinki is quickly becoming a tech powerhouse in the world. This area likes to try new things, so it has a lot of startups, tech events, and a growing skill pool. From tech stars like Wolt to game giants like Supercell, Helsinki’s tech environment is rich and growing. Global companies like Google and Microsoft have also seen the promise in Helsinki and set up strong bases in the area.

Whether you want to be a software worker, data scientist, or digital marketer, there are a lot of possibilities in the tech business in Helsinki. Its growing foreign community makes it a place where people from all over the world feel welcome.

A person working in a video gallery in a hockey arena in Finland.


Restaurant jobs in Helsinki

Because Helsinki has a lot of people, there is always a need for people who work in restaurants. Jobs for waiters, chefs, and cooks can be found in both fine-dining restaurants and casual restaurants. Over the past ten years, Helsinki’s food scene has grown and now includes a wide range of flavors from around the world. The city is a mixing pot of tastes, with everything from lively Asian restaurants to authentic Mediterranean bistros. This growth creates a need for chefs who know how to cook food from all over the world. Chefs can find work outside of restaurants in places like catering, business parties, and pop-up food events. Most of the time, these jobs give you more freedom than working in a restaurant.

In places in Helsinki, people look for waiters who have official training, know a lot about wine, and have excellent service skills. Cafes, bistros, and other relaxed restaurants in the city are always looking for waiters who are active, friendly, and good at their jobs. Many people in the service industry like to go to these places because they are comfortable. There are lots of fairs, events, and yearly draws on Helsinki’s calendar. Because of these events, there are a lot of casual jobs for wait staff.

With a food scene as active and varied as Helsinki’s, there are many possibilities for cooks and waiters.

Picture of working in a cafe in Finland


In conclusion, people looking for work can find many job options in Helsinki. You will probably be able to find a job that fits your needs in Helsinki, whether you work in tech, the food business, or health care. If you can’t find an opening that matches your talent at the moment, you can always leave an open application as well!