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Image. Two people talking about relocating to Finland.


Are you thinking about getting a job and relocating to Finland? Great! There are a lot of job opportunities, and we can help you settle in and build your life and career here. Our employee relocation services will get you off to a good start in your new country.

Moving to a different country is a big step in anyone’s life, so being ready is important. Let’s start with everything you need to know about moving to Finland.

Moving to Finland with Barona

We know how hard it is to move to a different country and start a new life there. You have to undergo a massive change when you get a new work opportunity. So, when moving to a totally different country for that job, that’s huge. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help! As a part of our international recruitment projects, we help people move, and we will give you the following:

A place where you can live.

To help you get used to Finland, we’ll set you up with a place to stay near your workplace. People who come to work for long periods can rent apartments. Most seasonal positions have less complicated facilities.

Furnished home.

Your home will have all the furniture and tools you need. Even though most apartments in Finland are rented out empty, we’ll furnish them and make sure you will have all the equipment you need to feel at home in your new place.

Costs of living with no surprises.

Most of the time, your first rent period will be between 6 and 12 months, depending on where you live and how long your assignment will be. Most lease contracts are for a set amount of time, and the rent is taken out of your paycheck when you get paid. (Both the pay and rent periods will follow the same pattern.)

Housing and accommodation in Finland

When you are relocating to Finland, our relocation consultant will find an apartment in the area where your working place will be. Depending on the job, living arrangements can vary accommodation can be arranged in a shared room, a shared flat with a personal room and shared facilities, or your own studio or flat.   Most of our properties have the possibility to use common saunas and laundry rooms. Some rentals have a yard grill and common rooms where you can spend your free time.  

Accommodation can be provided for the starting period of 6-12 months or for the whole length of the project. Usually, the living costs are fixed for the term of the rent and include the rent as well as other amenities – electricity, heating, water usage, etc. The total cost will be deducted from your salary so that there will not be any surprising or additional charges for you. After the starting period, you can decide if you want to continue living in the same apartment, or we can support you with finding your new home. 

What your rent includes (that is not usually included in the rent in Finland):

Our services for relocating to Finland before you arrive

Your relocation to Finland starts soon after signing the job contract and before you get on a plane to get here. As part of our relocation service, we will help you get the paperwork you need to start your new life in Finland before you get here.

Are you a European Union citizen? Your move to Finland might be quick and easy. As a citizen of the EU, you don’t need a work permit or anything else special to work in Finland. Come as you are; we’ll help you get any government paperwork done when you arrive.

Don’t have an EU passport? Don’t worry. Moving to Finland will be similar. Before you can fly to Finland and start working at Barona, you must first get a permit to live here. We’ll help you through the whole process and give you all the documents you need for your residence permit. Remember that you need to plan the move ahead because it could take several months to get everything ready.

In addition to the tedious paperwork, we’ll do our best to keep you busy. We will give you helpful information about life in Finland. We’ll give you a package of information to teach you everything you need to know to succeed in Finland. You might even learn a few Finnish words before you get here. For some positions, such as those in the healthcare sector, your journey to Finland begins even 6 months before you arrive when you enroll in online Finnish language training.

Moving to Finland to work – What do you need to know

Read about the most relevant stuff you need to know about moving to Finland and what affairs you need to have in order when moving here.

Arrival to Finland – registrations and formalities

When you have all the necessary paperwork and your life is in order, you are ready to come to Finland. And we’ll be waiting for you with arms wide open. As a way to welcome you to our country and your new job, we will give you an orientation about Finland and your new career.

You should know that the way people work in Finland is different, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you get used to it. We will also guide you through all the practicalities and bureaucratic formalities. We will assist you in filling out all necessary forms, booking and sometimes accompanying you to authorities’ visits, and instructing you on all registrations so that you are fully prepared to live in Finland.

Useful info and links about moving to Finland

Here are the things we will help you handle:

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