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Are you looking for a job in Finland? Take a look at our open jobs and apply now! We have openings all around Finland, from Helsinki to Tampere and even Lapland.

The job market in Finland is solid and stable, and the unemployment rate is low compared to many other European countries.

Information technology, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, restaurant and hotel industry, as well as renewable energy, are some of Finland’s most important job-creating industries. Barona’s job offering has many of these industries covered already, but our open jobs are changing weekly. So be sure to check out this page in order to find your dream job!

Applying for a job in Finland

It’s possible that people from different parts of the world have vastly different approaches to filling out job applications. It’s possible that you’re a master or genius when it comes to finding work in your country.

However, when looking for a job in Finland, the rules may be quite different. In order to make your job application smooth, please read the article below and read our tips and tricks for applying for a job in Finland.


If you want to work in Finland, you should know how to look for work.

Illustration photo - Job interview in the Nordics. Man standing at a desk, with a laptop in front of him and preparing for a job interview.

Jobs for foreigners in Finland

Depending on their skills, experience, and level of education, foreigners can find a wide range of jobs in Finland. English is widely spoken in Finland, so in most workplaces, you will manage in English. However, in customer service industries Finnish language is still widely required and needed, so most of the open jobs for foreigners are in other industries than customer services.

Here are some areas where foreigners may be able to find work:

  1. Information technology: Finland has a strong IT sector with many job openings in fields like software development, IT consulting, and data analysis.
  2. Healthcare: There is a need for people who work in health care, like nurses and doctors, especially in rural areas.
  3. Engineering: Finland has a strong engineering industry, especially in areas like energy and environmental engineering.
  4. Hospitality and Tourism: When there are a lot of tourists, there may be jobs available in hotels, restaurants, and other tourist spots.
    In this field, it can be very helpful to know languages other than Finnish and English.