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Picture of a tourist destination in Lapland. Illustrative photo.


Are you looking to work in Lapland? We’ll help you out! Lapland is an area in the north of Finland, Sweden, and Norway. It is in the northern part of Finland. The area of Finnish Lapland is more than 10366 km2. Rovaniemi, Kemi, Tornio, and Kittilä are some of the most important cities in Lapland. Lapland is a great place to go for outdoor fun. It is a great place to go outside, and its beautiful arctic nature and outdoor activities make it a popular tourist spot. One of the most famous Finns in the world, Santa Claus, lives in Lapland too.

Because of its beautiful nature and tourist attractions, Lapland’s main source of income is the tourism industry. That’s why most of the jobs that are open in Lapland are in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries.

Seasonal work in Lapland

The busiest time of year for tourists to visit Lapland is from December to March. This is also the busiest time of year for seasonal work in Lapland. We have a lot of fun seasonal jobs in the hospitality industry in Lapland, and you could turn your job into the most incredible adventure of your life.

We want our employees to work in Lapland, but we also want them to have time off and enjoy all that Lapland offers.

What is it like to work in Lapland?

Lapland’s Nordic winter and unique natural beauty make it a beautiful workplace. Lapland is a very international place to find work. Most jobs in Lapland are in the hospitality industry, so most people who come there are from other countries. A lot of the workers come from different countries as well. 

Customers and employees from Finland are used to speaking English with each other. Unity between workers in different places of work is truly unique, and working in Lapland is a great way to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Some places of work plan activities for their workers to do in their free time, such as winter hikes, snowmobile safaris, and downhill skiing. Also, employees make the most of their free time by organizing these activities together in their free time.

Employers in Lapland

We have jobs available in some of the best hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Lapland. Many of our client companies hire people from all over the world because of how international Lapland is and how many different languages tourists speak. The clients and their available jobs vary year by year.

Some of our Lapland partners are:

Santa Claus Holiday Village

Located eight kilometers from the center of Rovaniemi and close to Rovaniemi Airport. It’s easy and smooth to get to the place. Customer service is the most important thing in this family business, and quick, friendly, and honest employees are valued. Santa Claus Holiday Village has apartments, cottages, restaurants, shops, and different kinds of activities.

Santa Claus Holiday Village has different kinds of restaurants, which all need servers, chefs, and bartenders. There are also jobs for cleaners and housekeepers in the cottages and apartments.

Visit the Santa Claus Holiday Village website to learn more >>

Apukka Resort

The Apukka Resort is only a 15-minute drive from Rovaniemi. It combines new and unique experiences with old traditions and natural beauty that has yet to be changed. At the Apukka Resort, you can stay in suites, glass igloos, or wagons. The resort has a restaurant that serves Nordic food with a modern twist for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day in a warm and cozy setting. There are many job openings for servers, chefs, and other hospitality jobs in Apukka every year.

Visit Apukka’s website to learn more >>

Levi Hotel Spa

Levi Hotel Spa Resort and Design Hotel Levi are around unique nature. The hotel is next to the slopes and other winter activities in Finland’s most popular ski resort. Many different kinds of jobs are available in the hotels’ restaurants, including a pizzeria, an à la carte restaurant, and a Burger King.

Visit the Levi Hotel Spa website to learn more >>

Star Arctic Hotel

Star Arctic Hotel is in a special place: on top of Kaunispaa mountain, with a great view of Saariselka. The hotel is an architectural masterpiece that combines modern design with the beauty of the natural world around it. The hotel offers its guests a restaurant, a bar, a sauna, a shop, transportation, and many different things to do. Previously, we’ve had jobs open for receptionists, servers, chefs, and tour guides.

Visit the Start Arctic Hotel website to learn more >>

Do you want to find a job in Lapland? Check out the jobs we have open and apply for one! If a job opening doesn’t work for you, you can still apply with an open application