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Barona’s relocation services in Finland are the right choice for you if you want to hire people from the global labor market. In order to keep the employees with you as long as possible, it’s crucial to help them with relocation matters as well. 

 But if you are hiring your first foreign employee, the relocation process might need some clarification.  It’s important to remember that the person is starting not only a new job but also a new life in a new country. So, you need to think about the new employee’s whole life, not just the things that have to do with work. When an employee moves and gets support and guidance, it makes them more productive and likely to stay with your company. It also makes your company more attractive and builds its brand. At worst, problems with immigration can force an employee to leave early. A successful move makes a worker more productive because they can focus on their new job from the start.

Quick and smooth relocation requires diverse expertise, which is a great reason to consider hiring a company specializing in relocation.


We offer help with immigration and official matters

It’s important to handle the immigration paperwork correctly to get an employee to move to the country and start working there. For example, the employer has to, by law, make sure that the employee has the right to live and work in Finland and to keep this information even after the employment relationship ends. Immigration issues can be complex, and getting a permit on your own can take a long time. Immigration services can help your company get permits quickly and correctly. In fact, most of our customers get their permits before the deadline. Taking care of the immigration of the employee’s family members who are moving with them is also essential for a smooth move.
In addition to helping people get into the country, relocation services also help with local official matters. For example, foreign employees may have trouble with local registrations, taxes, and banking because the rules vary from country to country.

Support with finding an apartment, school, and daycare

Employees’ health and happiness depend on their ability to find a good place to live. Still, a foreign worker might need to learn more about the local rental market. Often, looking for an apartment also requires knowing how to speak Finnish. Relocation services cover the whole process of finding an apartment, from finding one that fits the customer’s needs to helping with agreements and advising on how Finnish housing works.

It is important to arrange good schools and daycares for the children of employees who have families. Relocation services help people find good schools and daycare centers, fill out applications, and learn how different school systems work.

Moving employees to a new country

As part of the relocation services, employees are shown how to use basic services and have fun in their new city. Depending on what the employee needs, we can help them find the closest specialty stores so they can keep doing what they love.
Depending on where the employee is from and how much they have traveled, they may also need help learning about Finnish culture and customs. Our consultants have lived abroad and worked with people from different countries, so they know how to answer the questions that people from other countries usually ask.

It’s also important to consider how the employee’s family and spouse are doing. The most common reason employment abroad fails is that the spouse has trouble adjusting. So, there are also services available to help the spouse. Our consultants also help with things like finding hobbies for kids to do.

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