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How to apply for a job in Finland and how Barona’s recruitment services help you get your dream career started in the Nordics.

Are you interested in working abroad in the Nordics and are looking for info on applying for a job? We’re happy to hear that and even more pleased to help you start your career dream in Finland, Norway, Denmark, or Sweden. Let us guide you forward step by step. Our recruitment services are designed to find the perfect workplace match for you.

This page will introduce you to all the different employment types we offer and give you detailed guidance on applying for a position at Barona. What’s more: we present all the ways we will support you with your relocation into the Nordics after you have been selected for a position.

Something for everyone – Different options for different needs 

Barona is a modern recruitment agency that offers a vast number of opportunities for people who have different backgrounds, different interests, and passions, as well as other areas of expertise and talent. Whomever you are and where ever you are from, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking for exciting opportunities abroad, Barona will help you make your career dreams come true.

Barona is recruiting people from a wide range of sectors and business areas. We have open positions in almost every industry. Some industries are especially active in international recruiting, though, such as 

If you are looking for work in these industries, we have an extensive selection of open positions. See our open positions >>


If you’re interested in applying for a job in the Nordics, take a look at this online course and get one step ahead in the application process

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Permanent, temporary, or seasonal work – Always the best option for your current situation

The first step is to identify your needs: what is the most suitable and fitting employment type for your current situation? As a versatile recruitment agency, Barona offers many different solutions and options. Our job is to match your needs with the needs of our client companies. We have the right solution for everyone.

Are you looking for permanent employment, or would you rather be interested in temporary work? We have good news for you: we offer both options. The length of our temporary employment varies, so many options are open for you. Usually, the temporary contracts last a year, with the possibility of an extension later on. After a specific time frame, you can continue working for Barona or sometimes even sign a direct contract with the client company.

What’s more, we also offer seasonal work contracts. Life in the Nordics differs significantly between the seasons. The summer provides very different options compared to the winter season, when the Nordics are usually covered in snow, more or less. For example, Lapland offers exciting seasonal employment options for people who want to experience the unique Lapland magic.


Are you interested in working in Lapland? Take a look at what kind of jobs we offer in Lapland!

Applying for a job or sending an open application – What’s the difference?

Have you checked our open positions and would like to apply for ajob? Great! What are you waiting for – apply for it straight away! Applying for a job is smooth and easy, like everything else at Barona.

If you didn’t find a relevant open position this time, it’s OK: we’ve got you covered. You can always contact us by sending an open application describing what kind of job you want and what backs you up for the role. Our recruiters will then review your application and match it to our current or future opportunities.

After sending an open application, be patient; our recruiters might need more time to match you with a suitable position. We will contact you immediately if there’s a match. If you are an excellent match for one of our client companies, we will let them know even if there are no positions open at the moment.

The number of open applications is steadily growing, so there’s a huge interest in working in the Nordics. Come over, and you will see why.

You now know more about the recruitment services we offer, the different kinds of jobs we have, and the different ways you can apply for a job in the Nordics. So, now it’s up to you. Apply for a job or send an open application to get started on your way to working in the Nordics and for Barona.