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If you are looking for a job in IT in Finland, Sweden, or Denmark, you are in the right place!  We at Barona offer open jobs in IT. Whether you want to look for a job in technical support, software creation, project management, or any other IT job, we can help. Our goal is to connect the right IT professionals with the right jobs and on the right terms.

Each year, we hire

Consider all the options

Finding the right job isn’t just about finding the right part; it’s also about finding the right company where your skills and experience can really shine. At Barona, one of the largest staffing and recruitment agencies in the Nordics, we have a perfect track record in many different businesses.

We are experts at finding IT experts and providing technical help services in the IT field. Northstar Talent, a well-known IT staffing business, is in charge of our international IT recruitment.

Northstar Talent: Get the most out of your IT skills

With Northstar Talent, you can find a wide range of exciting IT job options in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. As the top IT talent service provider in the Nordics, we help IT workers like you reach new heights in their careers.

With Northstar Talent, you’ll grow faster, learn more, and work on interesting projects that will both challenge and excite you. At any given time, you can choose from tens of different IT jobs, so your dream job could be just a click away.

Open IT jobs in Finland and Sweden

The Nordic countries are known around the world as creativity and technology powerhouses. We are always looking for the best IT people so that we can stay at the forefront of technological progress. Finland and Sweden, in particular, have a lot of experience hiring people from other countries, which has made their workplaces very diverse. Equity and the well-being of our employees are important parts of our workplace values. If you are interested in working in Finland, take a look at our “Working in Finland” article. On the other hand, if you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work in Sweden, read our “Working in Sweden” article.

Join Our Diverse Group of IT People

We are actively looking for people in the Nordics to join our thriving IT group. Barona and Northstar Talent both have a lot of knowledge in the IT field and a large network of contacts. We offer many different kinds of chances, such as:

Don’t pass up your chance to do well in the IT job market in the Nordic countries. Find your dream job right now!