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Take a look at the frequently asked questions about applying for a job, the recruitment process, and everything related to relocation to a new country.

Are you thinking about working in Finland, Norway, Denmark, or Sweden, but there’s still something that you want to know?

How to apply for a job in the Nordics

You can check our open positions, and once you’ve found the right job, you can apply for the job using the linked application form.

Please note that we do not consider applications delivered to us through email. Only apply through the application form.

Your application should include your CV (if you’re applying from Poland with the GDPR data processing agreement at the bottom). Some positions may require additional training and certifications such as welding certification, scaffolding certification, hygiene passport, forklift certification, and others.

All required extra documents are listed in the job offer.

You need to have previous working experience for most of our positions. However, for entry-level jobs, this is not mandatory. We value your motivation and “can do” attitude.

Most of our positions require English language skills on a communicative level. For some roles, you can apply with knowledge of Russian or Polish. Language requirements are always specified in the job offer.

Yes, you can. However, candidates from non-EU countries need to apply for a residence and work permit. This process may take up to six months and is always granted by authorities on an individual basis. Due to the lengthy procedure and companies’ changing needs, we are not able to guarantee a working place for you.

In certain cases, the time for residence permit formalities is taken into consideration so that your starting date is adjusted according to your permit processing time. This information will be specified in the job offer.

Recruitment process

The recruitment starts when you apply for a job and send us your CV. After our recruiting professionals have reviewed it, we will contact you to discuss how to get to know you and your desires and needs. We will also schedule an interview.

After the interview, you will get feedback and possible further questions. You will be advised about the next steps of the process depending on the job in question.

We will contact you within two weeks from the interview. You will be notified about the hiring decision and possible next steps that you should take as soon as the company you have applied for has made the decision.

If you aren’t selected for the job, we will advise you about the next steps and the possible jobs that fit you.

You can contact the recruiter who discussed the position and interviewed you. You can find the recruiter’s information in the job post you’ve applied for.

You don’t have to pay anything. We provide our services free of charge for the applicants.

No, we do not sponsor the necessary documents, but we can help you with the formalities.

Relocation process

Our relocation and recruitment professionals in the destination country will help you settle down, guiding you through procedures and formalities you must follow upon arrival.
We offer free assistance and advisory services such as registering your residence, receiving a personal identity code, applying for a tax card, accessing social security and healthcare coverage, and other relocation services.

If you are coming from the EU zone, you don’t need a residence or work permit to work in the Nordics.  Although there is a set of administrative procedures you have to follow as an employee:

  • You need a personal identity code and a municipality of residence.
  • You need to order a tax card from the Tax Administration Office.
  • You need to register your right of residence at the Immigration Services if you stay in the country for more than three months.

Yes, we can arrange accommodation, if you need it. We offer fully furnished rooms and apartments with all services included, and sometimes even with an internet connection. The Barona recruiter will inform you of the terms and conditions. Usually, the accommodation charges are automatically deducted from your pay.

You can apply for a tax deduction for travel and commuting expenses related to your work. The travel expenses amount will reduce your yearly income, lowering your tax rate (withheld tax percentage). Note the refund will not come directly to you, and you will not get the entire sum of your commute spending, but a partially accepted amount. You can find more information here.

In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, there’s a progressive taxation system, which means
that your tax rate depends on your yearly income. In other words, the more you earn, the higher tax you pay and vice versa. The tax percentage is calculated separately for every person. In addition, about 10% of each employee’s gross salary is withheld as compulsory social security contributions (unemployment, pension, social and healthcare contributions). The percentage depends on the country you’re working in.

For an estimation of your tax rate and net salary, please get in touch with one of our recruiters. 

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