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Seasonal work in Lapland has given Zaida lasting friendships and memories

Zdjęcie Zaidy, która pracuje jako kelnerka na sezon zimowy w Laponii.

Seasonal work in Lapland can provide you with unforgettable adventures as well as opportunities to meet new people. Working abroad can be a fantastic chance to explore the world and do something exciting.

Let’s take a closer look at Zaida Alvarez’s experiences. Zaida found a seasonal job in Lapland and had a unique and rewarding experience. Living in the cold, snowy Lapland has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Spanish Zaida. She has made new friends and gained valuable work experience.

 “I wanted to find a job that would let me live and work in a different country. I went to the EURES page to look for work abroad and found Finland. I chose to take the chance without knowing what would happen. I used to work in restaurants in Spain, so applying for a waitress job was a natural choice.” Zaida says, “I started working in Finland in the winter, so I got to see the best of Lapland from the early days.”

Barona supports candidates in every step of the recruitment process

Traveling and trying different jobs is a way of living for a curious person like Zaida. According to her, the decision to apply to Finland came spontaneously, but it turned out to be the right decision. Barona, a recruitment agency, supported Zaida throughout the recruitment process, even though she did not speak a word of Finnish.

“Barona has been very helpful when it comes to work and moving to Finland. There was paperwork to fill out for the job application. Barona had a designated contact person who helped me with the language barrier and the paperwork. After applying for a job and going on interviews, Levi’s Slope restaurant offered me an ideal job. When I finally got to Finland, I was welcomed with open arms, and I quickly met my future boss and coworkers,” Zaida says.

Finland impresses with a balanced working life and promising career opportunities

The restaurant staff lives in a shared house close to work. This has helped them get to know each other better. Zaida returned to work in Finland after her first seasonal job here because the country has a good standard of living and a good mix between work and life.

Working seasonally has given Zaida the freedom to move and live in different places. Finland is a great place to learn about other countries and meet new people. Zaida’s time working in Lapland will stay with her forever, and she can’t wait to come back to work in Lapland in the future as well.

“It’s been quite an adventure to live in Finland. My social skills have gotten a lot better here. My coworkers are from all over the world, so I’ve learned a lot about other cultures. Also, I got to see how well-balanced and safe Finnish work life is. In Finland, workers get a good salary and other perks on top of that. My employer gives me a place to live and internet, so it’s been easy for me to live in Finland,” Zaida says.

Seasonal work in Lapland gives you a chance to grow

Seasonal work in Lapland is a great way to try new things, see more of the world, and make friends for life. Even if you don’t speak English as your first language, recruitment companies like Barona can make it much easier to find work abroad. Finland has a high standard of living, an excellent work-life balance, and good job prospects. Lapland is a must-see place for people who want to try new things and grow as people.

Santa Claus' home in Rovaniemi, Finland during winter


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