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Working in Finland is a Life-Changing Experience for Chef Sarah

Juha Niemi Barona
Picture of a Filipino Chef Sarah Llanto who works in Finland

Sarah, a talented chef from the Philippines, has found her calling in working in Finland. She currently works in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Her love of cooking led her to work in restaurants worldwide, including in Australia and the United States, before she finally settled in Finland. Sarah’s life in Finland has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and brought her new friends and opportunities.

“I have been in Finland for one year now. My work experience only consists of restaurant work, so it can be said that this field is my calling. In addition to the Philippines, I have worked as a chef in Australia and the USA. My current job is at the Scandic Hotel in Helsinki, where I specialize in a la carte food. I really enjoy my daily work here”, Sarah says.

Sarah’s career in the restaurant business is based on her love of cooking. She says being a chef at the Scandic hotel in Helsinki and making a la carte food is like a dream. Sarah’s year of work in Finland has been rewarding, and she’s looking forward to building her career in a place that has quickly become her home.

Barona’s Exceptional Recruitment Process

Sarah has been through both the best and worst kinds of hiring processes. But Barona has set a high standard with their honesty and professionalism, which Sarah has found to be a welcome change. She says the company did a great job of making her move to Finland easy and smooth. Barona helped her with everything, so she could focus on settling in and doing well in her career.

“Right now, I work under Barona in a Scandic hotel restaurant. Barona’s recruitment process is carefully planned, and they operate transparently, so it was easy to understand what documents are required for me and how the recruitment process proceeds. Barona helped us, for example, with tax cards and other documents, so everything was provided to us”, Sarah describes.

A lovely landing to working in Finland

Moving to a new country can be scary, but Barona welcomed Sarah and dozens of other employees with open arms. Sarah says that the orientation event that Barona put on really helped her learn about Finnish society and the way people work there. She likes that the company takes care of everything for its employees, which makes it easier for them to settle into their new lives.

Sarah’s time working in Finland has changed her career and personal life. She thinks Finland is the best place she has ever worked and plans to stay there for a long time. Sarah’s past experiences have given her more confidence in her plans for the future, and she’s excited to see where her career takes her next.


Sarah’s trip to live and work in Finland has been one that she will never forget. The country has not only given her a chance to do well in her career but also made her feel at home with its friendly people. Her story shows how important it is, to be honest, professional, and careful when hiring people. Sarah’s move to Finland has been easy and fun because of what Barona has done.

“Barona has given me irreplaceable opportunities. It was easy for me to start my new job as a chef, and I didn’t have to worry about anything. This experience has definitely helped me to become more decisive about what I want in my future. For me, Finland is the best country I have ever worked in, and I see myself staying here longer, ” Sarah sums up.

Picture of working in a cafe in Finland

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