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Work in Finland for families: Krejci family’s Nordic adventure

Picture of Barona employee Maria Duca.
Maria Duca Palarie Barona
Family working in Finland in shoveling and excavation field

Discover the incredible story of Milan, Lukas, and David Krejci – father and 2 sons united by wanderlust and a desire for new experiences. With the helping hand of Barona, they headed to the breathtaking landscapes of Finland. What awaited them there? An opportunity of a lifetime to work in Finland as a family, in shoveling and excavation operations!

It all started with a job listing on the Slovak job portal – One of the Krejci family members has been working in Finland before and had an incredible experience with Barona, so they knew they had to jump on this chance. They reached out to Monika, Barona’s recruiter directly, who provided them with all the essential details about the job offer.

Why did they choose to work through Barona? Simply put, they trusted this exceptional agency, as they knew they could trust Barona based on previous cooperation. And the financial aspect was pretty tempting too!

Together in adventure: The Krejci’s decision to work in Finland as a family

When it came to pursuing their Finnish dreams, the Krejci family had a clear vision — they were in it together. And they wanted to see what does it mean to work in Finland as a family. Joined by a close friend who shared their excitement, they embarked on this work journey in Finland. But making this big decision wasn’t easy. Each family member had a stable job in Slovakia, leading to moments of doubt. One of them hesitated, unsure about leaving a good job and taking a leap of faith. However, in the end, they all took the plunge and haven’t looked back. Of course, the family support played a huge role.

Speaking from his own experience, Milan, the father, believed in leading by example. He wouldn’t have encouraged his sons if he hadn’t had a positive experience with Barona before. He knew the job opportunity was genuine and trustworthy, and that Barona doesn’t mislead or fail to pay the salary.

I live by the motto – seize opportunities when they come knocking!

Milan Krejci, excavator operator from Slovakia

Saying “yes” to a seasonal work opportunity in Finland

What made them ultimately accept the job offer? Well, the financial aspect played a crucial role. Let’s face it, in Slovakia, it’s hard to earn as much as you can in Finland. With a short-term contract and favorable tax conditions, seasonal work in Finland becomes incredibly rewarding. You can earn in a few months which would take 2-3 years back home, and it was also a great experience to work as a family in Finland.

The best part? You can cover your living expenses with your first paycheck and still have plenty left over to save, even though prices in Finland are higher than in Slovakia.

Imagine ilustrativă - munca în Finlanda. Bărbat din Helsinki care ține în mână și vorbește la telefon.

Curious about what work in Finland can offer you?

From family to work team

Milan, Lukas, and David Krejci spent around a quarter of a year in Finland, from May to October. Their main activity was excavation work, with two of them operating the mighty excavators and one taking charge of manual digging. As a team, they had each other’s backs, lending a hand whenever needed, even with the manual digging. It’s incredible how much smoother the job becomes when you work alongside familiar faces who willingly support one another.

Their motivation was further fueled by the exceptional professionalism displayed by Barona. Barona truly lived up to their promises, providing them with everything they had outlined from the very beginning. And here’s the best part — Barona was always punctual with their payments, which often arrived a day or two ahead of schedule. “Trust us, such dedication and reliability are not easily found, and we were grateful to have experienced it firsthand”, states one of the Krejci family members.

Settling in Finland for seasonal work

Oh, those first weeks were truly interesting, especially during the spring months when the days are long and filled with light. It did take them some time to adjust to continuous daylight, but they managed to embrace it with open arms. However, as the working season came to an end, the situation changed drastically. They experienced the opposite: limited daylight. Waking up in the dark, and returning home in darkness — it was quite the shift.

Speaking of their arrival, they were fortunate to have the tremendous support of Barona. The agency’s HR Coordinators welcomed them at the airport and guided them through the work-related paperwork. Krejci family was even accompanied by Barona consultants to the tax office, helping with completing all the necessary formalities. Additionally, they were provided with detailed briefings, preparing them for what lay ahead. To top it off, Krejci family had a taxi arranged by Barona to take them directly to the designated place of residence. Milan Krejci commented: “It was such a relief that we didn’t have to worry about bringing work equipment like helmets and overalls from Slovakia, considering the airline’s luggage restrictions. Barona took care of it all.”

Barona HR Coordinators were an incredible support system throughout their journey. Whenever the family needed assistance, they knew they could reach out to Monika, the consultant from the Slovak branch, or directly contact the consultants in Finland, who ensured them a smooth and worry-free experience.

Does seasonal work in Finland come with lasting friendships?

According to Milan, Lukas, and David, it absolutely does! They had the pleasure of working alongside a Polish colleague, and even to this day, they maintain contact through phone conversations. Moreover, their Finnish foreman holds a special place in their memories, as they find him as a genuinely wonderful person. They sometimes connect with him on Facebook.

What do in Finland during your spare time?

Finland is a wonderful country with genuinely kind-hearted people. Throughout Krejci’s family time in Finland, they never encountered any issues with the locals. On the contrary, Finns were always willing to lend a hand, especially when they noticed their English wasn’t fluent.

Since Krejci men had a company car at their disposal but didn’t want to misuse it for personal reasons, they opted for smaller train trips to explore the surrounding areas. They visited the seaside and even ventured into Helsinki, the Finnish capital. While engaging in typical Finnish activities, Lukas had the opportunity to experience the sauna, which was conveniently located in their apartment complex. Additionally, David and his Polish colleague embarked on occasional fishing trips and admired the beauty of the surroundings. Nature is definitely a big thing in Finland. You are surrounded by forests almost everywhere, it is something quite distinct from what they were accustomed to in Slovakia. Moreover, Finland offered fantastic trails for running and cycling, as well as excellent conditions for various sports.

Jobs in Finland

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