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Work as a Welder in Finland! Discover David Kovac’s journey to his dream job abroad

Image of a Czech welder in Finland at work

David Kovac comes from the Czech Republic and is currently living in Finland, where he works as a welder with Barona. How was the journey to his dream job abroad? How did he get a job as a welder in Finland? You can read his story in this interview.

Getting a job in Finland

Why did you choose Finland in particular?

I’ve always been attracted by Nordic countries and the possibility to live and work there one day. In Finland, I really like nature and the landscape with a lot of lakes. I like walking in the countryside, and I love fishing, so Finland is the ideal country for me. Finland also suits my job well. The temperatures aren’t as high here, so as a welder I don’t have to suffer the typical 40-degree welding halls they’ve got elsewhere.

How did you find out about Barona and how did you get this job?

I first saw the advert on Facebook, and then I searched for vacancies on various portals and I noticed this job offer on the website.

How was the recruitment process from the beginning?

I was in contact with Barona HR consultants for almost a year before I arrived in Finland because my departure was first complicated by the pandemic-related restrictions and then I had some health issues to resolve. We kept in touch all that time though, and when all matters complicating my arrival in Finland were resolved, the recruitment consultant presented a job offer to me. This offer met all the criteria which were crucial for me so I didn’t hesitate to accept it.

The initial communication with the international branch of Barona in Slovakia was by email and phone, followed by an online interview in English. I am in constant contact with Barona, starting with my arrival to Finland and up to the present day. When I need to work anything out, a Barona representative is always available.

I’m working in Finland, at Barona. And for the first time in my life, I’m 100% satisfied with my job!

David Kovac, welder from Czech Republic

Working as a welder in Finland

What does it mean to work as a welder in Finland?

One thing that I can say is that for the first time in my life, I am 100% satisfied with my job. I can’t think of anything negative to say, everything is just fine.

As for the position itself and my job, I am really happy, as all the equipment we use is new. The work is very comfortable because, for example, we don’t have to deal with any machine’s faults. The team is small, and we know each other, and that’s why the job environment, and the atmosphere, are excellent too. In my previous jobs, I was under pressure and the work was stressful. This just doesn’t exist in Finland, everybody is relaxed, working at their own pace. I cherish the stress-free work environment the most. The whole company organization contributes to this.

What do you think about the environment and the team? Have you made any friends?

The beginning was a little hard because I was a newcomer, and the Finns needed some time to start talking to me, as they are generally more introverted than Czechs. So the first month was quite difficult, everything was new for me. But after some time, I became part of the team and we began to get to know each other. So now I have friends both at and outside work.

Have you tried any traditional Finnish activities, such as sauna or fishing? Have you taken any trips around Finland already?

Of course, I’ve been in a sauna, and not just once. As I love fishing, I’ve already tried that here as well. I’ve also seen the Northern Lights. Before Christmas, I visited Lapland. I had always dreamed of going to the Arctic Circle. So before I went home for Christmas, I made the trip, including a visit to Santa Claus Village. I highly recommend visiting Lapland, it’s beautiful there.

How did Barona help during your work and stay in Finland?

Barona arranged accommodation for me and I had no problems with that. Everything went smoothly from the very beginning. A relocation specialist from Barona gave me accurate instructions, including where to pick up my keys, and how to move in. Everything happened just as Barona promised in the beginning, and I appreciate that.

Would you recommend collaboration with Barona to other people?

Definitely – 100%! I’m in some Facebook groups with people looking for a job in Finland, and I already commented on one post that I would recommend Barona.

Would you like to work as a welder in Finland as well? Great news! We have many open jobs for welders all over Finland. Choose the best one for you and let us help you in getting your dream job abroad!

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