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Welding jobs in Finland: Make Your Next Career Move

Juha Niemi Barona

Are you a welder looking for the next big step in your career? Have you thought about packing your bags and going on an adventure abroad? Where could you get a good job and have a high standard of living? Stop looking! Here are some reasons why you should consider welding jobs in Finland.

Job opportunities in Finland for welders

First, let’s talk about the Finnish job market. In many countries, the industrial sector is going down, but Finland always needs welders for projects that are coming up. Skilled welders are always in high demand because there are so many projects in the works, from high-tech parks to facilities for renewable energy.

There are usually hundreds of welding jobs open at any given time across the country. If you know how to TIG, MMG, MIG, or stick weld, your skills are in high demand in Finland. Still, it’s important to remember that the best times to apply are at the start of the year, in early spring, and in early fall, when most new projects begin. 

Jobs for welders around Finland

If you want to start a career in welding, Finland has a lot of places to choose from. Helsinki is your place if you want to live in a busy capital city. It is a center for new ideas and high-tech industries, and there are many welding jobs there. But if you are interested in history and tradition, Tampere, which is often called the “Manchester of Finland,” also has a lot of business opportunities. 

And then there’s Oulu, a city in northern Finland that is quickly becoming a tech hub and, as a result, a great place for welders to find work. In the Uusimaa region, there are a lot of jobs available in both big cities and smaller towns. This is especially true in smaller towns, where there are often fewer specialists and more job openings than in big cities. 

Employers in Finland for welders

Finland is home to some of the best companies in the world in different industries. Currently, companies in Finland that hire welders are working on a wide range of projects. Industries include transport, agricultural, construction, and welding industries, as well as industry plants, cooling systems, welding equipment, warehouses, and many other places. 

Wartsila, a global leader in marine technology that always hires skilled welders, is an example of a company looking for new workers. Then there’s Outotec, a company that processes minerals and is always looking for people who are good at welding. Konecranes is one of the top companies in the world that makes cranes and lifting equipment. Neste is a pioneer in renewable energy, and Valmet is a leader in services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries. 

Welder salaries in Finland

The average salary for a skilled welder in Finland is between €35,000 and €50,000 per year. The starting salary is around €15/hour and rises after a certain time. This competitive salary includes extra benefits like pension plans, health care, and other perks that add to the total pay.

Most of these benefits, such as shift bonuses, overtime compensation, and more, are based on the Collective Bargain Agreement for Metal Workers in Finland, implemented immediately when a person starts work. This also means that non-Finnish welders can get all the benefits of Finnish workers. Employees can also join unions to give themselves more protection in case of layoffs or job cuts.

Advantages of working in Finland

Along with work benefits, Finland’s quality of life and work culture may be the most compelling reasons to work there. The balance between work and life is critical to Finnish employers. This is clear from the fact that they have flexible work hours and a lot of time off. 

Workplace safety is very important for welders, and Finland has one of the best records in the world regarding workplace safety. Also, continuous professional development is an important part of the work culture in Finland. Employers often pay for training and development courses to help you stay at the top of your field.

If you want to know more about what it’s like to live and work in Finland, check out the following:

Chances to move up in your career

Working as a welder in Finland has a lot of benefits, and is a great place to work. There are also opportunities for career growth and advancement. There are a lot of examples of people who have worked in Finland for a long time, put down roots, and stayed loyal to their jobs, moving up the ladder to become team leaders or shift supervisors. It’s important to note that knowing Finnish is key in these jobs. Still, anyone can learn the language with enough work and dedication. 

Finland is the place to go for welders

Finland might be your next stop if you’re considering changing your career and want a dynamic, safe, and rewarding workplace. Get your resume ready, pack your bags, and get ready to move up in your career!

Check out our open jobs to learn more about how to make your dream of living in Finland come true. Your future in Finland is just a click away!


Check out our open jobs to learn more about how to make your dream of living in Finland come true. Your future in Finland is just a click away!

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