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Thriving in Chef Jobs in Finland – Ronel’s story

Juha Niemi Barona
A picture of Ronel, a filipino chef working in FInland as a chef.

Ronel Gebilga, from the Philippines, was looking for chef jobs in Finland and found his dream job as a chef at a well-known chain of service stations in Finland called ABC. Before he moved to Finland, he had worked as a chef in both the Philippines and the USA for a long time.

“I worked for two years in the United States. Hotels, resorts, and cruise ships gave me a lot of different kinds of work experience. Later, I started looking for work in Europe until I found Barona’s partner, EDI-staffbuilders. Ronel Gebilga says, “They helped me get a job in Finland at ABC Lahdesjarvi in Tampere.” The restaurant industry in Finland is constantly looking for new talent, and many chef jobs in Finland are open.

Finland has lots of open jobs and career prospects

Ronel Gebilga is living and working in Finland for the very first time. Ronel says that working at the ABC service station is fun and exciting. The chef’s job duties include making a la carte dishes. They also make hamburgers, pizzas, and sandwiches for customers. Ronel thinks Finland is an excellent place to raise a family , with many job opportunities and career prospects. Click here to see our open jobs in the restaurant industry.

“Thanks to Barona, I have a great job and live in the country of my dreams. I like to cook and give people new experiences, and as a chef, Finland is a good place for me to grow my career.” Finland is an excellent place for families because it has free, high-quality education, as Ronel explains.

Barona invests in making foreign employees feel at home

Even though the family is far away, the new life in Finland has started to go smoothly. Barona’s professionals helped with authorities and paperwork related to immigration, making it easy to move to a new country. When Ronel and the other workers finally got to Finland, Barona was also waiting at the airport.

“There’s no other agency like Barona, and they’ll never let you down. The people working at Barona took great care of me from the start and helped me with all the immigration paperwork. They even met us at the airport and made sure we had a nice place to stay. The hiring process went smoothly, and it was easy for me to move to a different country”, Ronel says, “Everything went as planned. I didn’t have to worry about anything.”

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Friendly and helpful people make you feel safe in Finland

In Finland, Ronel has met many lovely, friendly people who have welcomed him with open arms. Finland is a warm and safe place to live now that people have made new friends and networks. Finland usually ranks among the top 20 safest places in the world. See World Population Review’s statistics here. Ronel thinks Barona is a trustworthy and helpful employer he can recommend to others.

“Both Barona and the Finnish people have gone above and beyond what I expected. Finns are very friendly and helpful, and Barona has answered all my questions and helped me solve any problems that have come up.” To sum up, Ronel says, “I would definitely recommend Barona to other people who want to work in Europe because the company takes care of its employees’ futures.”