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Razel found her forever home working as a nurse in Finland

Juha Niemi Barona
Razel, pielęgniarka z Filipin pracująca w Finlandii. Zdjęcie zrobione w Helsinkach.

Have you ever thought about going to work abroad? Finland has become a popular place for foreign workers, especially in the healthcare field, because of its strong economy, high quality of life, and the world-class healthcare system. People from around the world have found a new life working as a nurse in Finland.

Meet Razel Cruz, a nurse from the Philippines who moved to Finland to work. Her journey shows how great it is to work in Finland and gives people who are thinking about doing the same thing ideas.

A brave choice and an easy change

Razel thought it was time for a big change after working as a nurse in the Philippines for more than six years. She had been working long, hard hours there. She decided she wanted to try living in a different country and advance in her work, which led her to Finland.

“I was first interested in Finland because I had heard that it had good job prospects, a good balance between work and life, and was the happiest place in the world. I chose to move with the help of my cousin and her boyfriend. They live in Finland and were the ones who first told me about Barona.” Razel says.

Razel’s move went very smoothly and quickly because Barona has a partner agency in the Philippines. “They were easy to talk to, answered my questions quickly, and helped me through the whole process,” Razel says. In the Philippines, Barona works together with EDIStaffbuilders in recruitment and training.

Barona also gave her free language lessons for five months before she moved. This made sure that she could speak the language well enough to do her job. She also got a monthly income from Barona to help pay for the first few months, as well as free medical care and insurance. Overall, Barona’s help made the change in her life easier.


Barona can help you move to Finland to work.

Rewarding work and the latest technologies

Razel’s work as a practical nurse in Finland was a welcome change from what she did in the Philippines.

“The mix between work and life is much better here. I can spend more time with my family here than in the Philippines. I worked long hours there and didn’t have much time for my family. Working 6–8-hour shifts in Finland is a nice change from working 8–12-hour shifts in the Philippines,” she says.

Razel works with people who have both mental and physical disabilities. The job is very fulfilling because in her work, Razel is able to assist people with disabilities. Initially, her language skills were a challenge, but Barona’s free language training helped her get over that and get ready for her new job.

However, there are times when a patient uses a Finnish word that she doesn’t know. In these situations, they are happy to tell her what it means in English and explain it to her. “My patients and coworkers teach me Finnish all the time, and I love it when they teach me new words,” Razel says.

Aside from the fulfilling work she does with patients, working as a nurse in Finland gives Razel access to advanced technology that she would only see in books or online back in the Philippines. Working in Finland lets Razel and other healthcare workers use the most recent medical advances in their jobs.

Learning about Finnish culture and staying in touch with Filipino culture

Many people might find it scary to think about becoming part of Finnish society, but Razel didn’t feel that way because of Barona. They taught her about Finnish customs and ideals before she moved there, which made the change easier for her.

“I found Finnish people to be friendly, quiet, and helpful, and I felt safe walking alone at night, just like Barona had said. I also found that working in Finland has many benefits, such as free medical care, help with getting a visa, insurance, and help to find a place to live, which was a pleasant surprise,” Razel says.

Razel has also discovered that it is possible for her to keep in touch with her culture while living in Finland because the Filipino community is so close-knit. She can spend time with her family and boyfriend every week, and she can also get together with other Filipinos who have moved to Finland. The Filipino community in Finland puts on events and parties, gives each other advice on how to live in Finland, and helps people feel like they belong.

Group of Filipino nurses in Finland.
Razel and her Filipino colleagues at the Barona offices in Finland.

The perfect place for aspiring healthcare professionals

For those considering a move to Finland for work, particularly in healthcare, Razel believes that the experience is well worth it. Finland stands out as a place where foreign workers want to go because it has advanced hospitals, cutting-edge medical technology, and chances for growth.

The mix between work and life is another thing that makes Finland stand out. Razel can now enjoy both her work and her home life, which is a big change from her time in the Philippines. This mix has helped her happiness a lot and makes her feel like she couldn’t have picked a better place to work than Finland. So much so that she feels like she has found her forever home here and wants to start a family and put down roots.

Take the next step and pursue your dream career

Overall, Finland is a great place for international employees, especially those who want to work in the healthcare sector. With its great balance between work and life, competitive salaries, and state-of-the-art medical facilities, it’s a dream place to start a new step in your professional and personal life.

So, if you’re thinking about moving abroad for work, take Razels story as proof that working in Finland can change your life.

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