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Marc chased his dreams of working as a chef in Finland

Marc Quizon, a chef from the Philippines, set out on an ambitious trip to the Nordic countries, where the high standard of living and competitive salaries made him want to go. He is now working as a chef in Rovaniemi in Finland, which shows how many chances there are for passionate workers in this country.

Marc’s story is inspiring because it shows how powerful it can be to follow your passion and embrace a new culture, even if it means moving to a different continent.

Beginning a Culinary Journey: Marc’s Life Before Finland

Before he set his sights on other places, Marc cooked for 15 years in the Philippines and other places. He recalls, “Before moving to Finland, I had worked as a chef for 15 years both in the Philippines and abroad. Building a good career in the Philippines was not easy, so I started to look for jobs in Australia, Canada, or Europe.”

As luck would have it, Finland turned out to be the place where he could have a lot of new experiences and learn a lot.

Working in Finland as a chef has a lot to offer

The dynamic restaurant industry in Finland presented Marc with numerous employment opportunities. Barona, a leading Finnish recruitment agency, helped Marc get an excellent job in Rovaniemi at a hotel restaurant.This was a big step in his career path in Finland.

He shares, “I came across the opportunity offered by Barona through social media. I found the offer interesting, so I decided to jump in and apply for it. Barona has taken excellent care of me and other foreign employees. They have answered all our questions and guided us with immigration.”

Getting to know the Finnish cuisine has been a revelation to Mark.

Finding a balance between work and well-being in Finland

Moving from the Philippines to Finland was challenging because the society, weather, and way of life were so different. But Marc didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he welcomed the new experiences and chances that Finland had to offer. Working in Lapland, especially in Rovaniemi, is pretty different from working anywhere else in the world. Rovaniemi is a city located in northern Finland. The city itself is quite urban, but it is surrounded by arctic nature. In the winter, the city is covered in snow, which is a long way from the sunny and hot Philippines. However, with support and determination, Marc has been able to thrive in his new environment.

Marc says, “Barona takes care of its employees in the best way possible, based on what I’ve seen. Finland has many career opportunities, and this country offers us the chance to build a better future. It’s easy to deal with the weather when the work and people around are so good.”

Finland is known for its balance between work and free time. If you’d like to learn more, have a look at our article about Working in Finland.

Passion for food meets Nordic creativity

Marc isn’t working in Finland as a chef just to make ends meet. Making food and creating culinary experiences is his main passion. In the fast-paced setting of his hotel kitchen in Rovaniemi, Finland, he always has to use and improve his skills. This city, which is known as a popular tourist spot and the home of Santa Claus, is the right place for Marc’s cooking job to grow.

Elaborating on his career and future prospects, Marc concludes, “Barona has offered me a unique opportunity to build a good career and future in a safe country. I plan to stay in Finland because working here is fun and stable, and the salaries are outstanding. I just got a promotion to Sous Chef in our restaurant. I’m looking forward to what the future will bring in my career.”

Marc’s journey is a beautiful mix of his love for cooking, warm welcome in a new country, and unique success story. His story shows that following your dreams can take you to surprising and satisfying places Even to the city of Santa Claus in Northern Finland.

Illustration photo of the aurora borealis in Norway.


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