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How to spend your summer in Finland?

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Illustration photo - Summer in Finland. Cotage by the lake in Finland

Is Finland a place you would like to move to and want to know how summer unfolds here? Imagine never-ending nights, vibrant Midsummer celebrations, and an environment filled with fascinating opportunities. In this article, we’ll uncover the joyful Midsummer rituals, explore the captivating summer activities, and bring you closer to the wonders of Finland’s nightless nights. Read this article to prepare yourself for a unique and unforgettable summer in Finland.

The summer season in Finland runs typically from June to August. With variations from year to year, summers in the country’s South are longer and warmer, compared to northern regions, particularly Lapland. As for the weather, the temperature ranges at about 20°C with peaks of up to 30°C in Southern Finland.

Finland’s summer nightless nights – a wonder to discover

If you ever heard about Finland, then you know about its beautiful landscape, woods, and chilly climate. In the winter, there is little daylight, and the entire nation is veiled in darkness for most of the day, giving the appearance of long evenings and nights. Summer arrival compensates for all that, as the days get longer and the sun hardly sets at all. This phenomenon is known as Nightless Night, Polar Day, or Midnight Sun, and it creates the perfect set-up for experiencing and enjoying Finland to the fullest.

Although the true midnight sun can be seen only beyond the Arctic Circle, the nights are “white” throughout the whole country. Every year, night daylight lasts over two months. This also applies to Helsinki, Finland’s capital city on the southern coast. Late at night, the sun dips below the horizon for a brief while before rising again, blurring the line between the ending night and the morning dawn. So, even if the sun sets in southern Finland, there is no full darkness at night. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, we recommend that you use dense curtains and window blinds, at least during your first summer here.

The Midnight Sun has the typical effect of decreasing the need for sleep while sparking unlimited positivity and invigorating your spirit. With so much light throughout the long summer days and boundless energy, people who live or visit Finland can enjoy a variety of activities. Among these are hiking, biking, berry-picking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or simply basking in the great outdoors. Also, various summer festivals take place across the country under the never-ending sunshine of the Polar Days.

Illustration photo - summer time in Finland. Boat afloat on the Finnish lake, near to the forest

Midsummer – Finland’s main holiday

One of the most important celebrations for Finns is the Midsummer, known in Finland as Juhannus. It celebrates the longest and brightest day of the year. It also marks the official start of the summer season and generally indicates the beginning of the summer vacation for many people working in Finland. Midsummer always falls on a Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June, and Finns celebrate it by spending time with family and friends, and normally heading to the summer cottages.

This holiday brings together numerous beliefs and old traditions that people practice even today. A highlight you will not be able to miss is the variety of bonfires. Although it was once believed that bonfires helped fight off evil spirits, today this is an enjoyable way to celebrate Midsummer. Going to the sauna, taking a swim in the lake, grilling and boating are other traditional ways to spend this day.

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Thrilling summer activities in Finland calling for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts

Pristine forests, spectacular landscapes, and sublime Finnish nature are just at their best during the summer season, making a journey to Finland a true treat for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. You can embark on spectacular excursions through abundant Finnish forests such as Nuuksio National Park or Northern Urho Kekkonen National Park, which is renowned for its immense wilderness and magnificent scenery. If you don’t have the opportunity to travel across the country, countless parks and wooded areas in Finland are always nearby for relaxing walks or berry picking.

Feeling adventurous? Consider going on a white-water rafting adventure along the wild rapids of Finland’s untamed rivers, such as Kitka, Kymi or Oulanka rivers. If that’s not thrilling enough, head to the crystal-clear lakes for an adrenaline-pumping dive or a stand-up paddleboarding, while gliding across calm waters. Another outstanding destination is the Finnish archipelago, where you can rent a kayak, explore the charming islands, find secret coves, and enjoy the serene nature.

Summer festivals and events

Summer in Finland is the time when a lot of festivals and events unfold. Among the most popular music festivals are Ruisrock – the biggest and oldest rock music festival in Finland, which takes place in Turku, and the Helsinki Flow Festival, which yearly gathers a strong lineup of performers from various music genres. Classical music aficionados can choose from Savonlinna Opera Festival – an international well-known opera festival, taking place in the charming Olavinlinna Castle, and the Pori Jazz Festival – one of the oldest jazz events in Europe, gathering top-tier musicians and performers.

Would you rather enjoy something more entertaining and fun? Finland is home to the Wife Carrying World Championship – a ton of fun. Organized in a small town in Sonkajärvi, the contest awards male competitors racing while carrying their female spouses through an obstacle course. People from all around the world come yearly for this delightful show. All in all, Finland’s summer entertainment scene is thriving and diverse, suitable for anyone.

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