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How to Find a Job in Finland – Job Portals and Resources

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Given that you are reading this web page, you are most likely thinking about making a career move, starting a new chapter of your life, and looking for a job in Finland. To this, we have a straightforward answer: that’s a great idea!

However, we are not here just to validate your idea; we are also here to support you. No matter how motivated you are to make this bold career move, we must acknowledge that finding a job in a foreign country isn’t always the easiest task, especially without any help.

That’s when we at Barona step in and get you acquainted with the most popular job sites in Finland. It is our task and passion to help you find all the different opportunities and possibilities that are awaiting you here in this small but special northern country. Because our mission number one is to help you, we also want to present other Finnish job portals next to our own.

Dig in and get smart!


Barona is one of the best recruitment and moving companies in Scandinavia. Every year, we help tens of thousands of people in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark find jobs. We have jobs in a lot of different fields. In Finland, there are a lot of different jobs open. The most sought professionals include welders, CNC professionals, chefs, waiters, and nurses. 

Browsing for open positions in our Finnish job portal is super easy. All positions are posted in English, and usually, the language requirement for a job is English. You can search for suitable job openings by specific keywords, location, and industry. 

But it’s not just the open positions that you can find on our page. We are equally invested in helping you out with our broad knowledge and pointers regarding everything that has to do with your upcoming career move to Finland. We want to prepare you for all possible new things that you will encounter from the moment you start looking for a position to the actual relocation to your new northern home country. Barona is proud to offer you the most versatile job site in Finland.

What can you find on Barona’s site

  • Search for open positions in Finland
  • Get detailed information on how to apply for a suitable open position
  • Find tips for the whole application process and what to expect
  • Read helpful and inspiring articles about career advice, career stories and employee interviews
  • Find detailed information about living and working in Finland – including information about the taxation system, social security and healthcare, living expenses and even a winter survival guide
  • Get help for the whole relocation process.

Barona’s top interest is guiding you through the rough waters of finding your new career and home in Finland, and we are there to make it as smooth as possible for you.


EURES is not a Finland-specific job portal, and the focus of the portal is the whole EU instead. However, you can choose Finland as the destination country and search for jobs specifically in Finland. You also get to select the language of the job vacancy, among other things. Most jobs require Finnish skills, but don’t worry; you can also find jobs that require English, Estonian or other languages instead. EURES lists a huge number of open positions and is one of the most versatile Finnish job sites.

You the EURES page, you can 

  • Search for jobs in Finland
  • Find tips about finding and applying for a job
  • Read very detailed information about the living and working conditions in Finland
  • Find information about traineeships and apprenticeships
  • Find information about the labor market and where the available jobs are.
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Job Market Finland

At Job Market Finland, you can learn about job search tips and rules and create your profile, through which you can then receive job recommendations. When you log in to Job Market Finland and create a job applicant profile, you can receive job recommendations based on your experience and competence. You can log in to Job Market Finland using banking codes or a mobile certificate, for example. Job Market Finland is free of charge.

The aim is for job seekers to find employment as quickly as possible. An initial interview and job search discussions are organized for job seekers to promote employment.

On this page, you can

  • Search for open vacancies
  • Register as a job seeker and find registration instructions if you are not a Finnish citizen
  • Find tips for finding a job
  • Find a broad selection of services, like career guidance, job search training and support from a job coach
  • Read about employees’ rights and obligations
  • Find information on services for immigrants that will promote your employment and integration.

Jobs in Finland

Jobs in Finland aims to aggregate job openings that don’t require Finnish skills, serving employers in Finland and job seekers in Finland and abroad. The page is very simple since it only focuses on job searches.

What’s great about this page is the accessible overview: on the right side of the front page, you’ll find all the English-speaking jobs available in Finland. Popular categories are Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Hospitality and Service, Manufacturing and Construction, and Gaming, among others. 

On this page, you can

  • Search for open positions
  • Consult the Finnish map and see straight away where the open positions are located on the map.

Work in Finland

Work in Finland is the official website for international talent and domestic companies looking to recruit from abroad. The site is a part of the Finnish Talent Boost program and a of public sector organizations operate it. The goal is to share general knowledge on work and life in Finland, provide information about open positions, and simplify the job search and relocation process.

On this page, you can 

  • Search for open positions. You can also find the same ones in the Jobs in Finland site.
  • Find a selection of tips and advice on how to start you job search.
  • Read a selection of articles about living and working in Finland, like Work-life balance, Welfare and benefits and Work culture
  • Find links to other valuable pages, like Startup Finland and a practical guide to working in Finland.

With the help of these job portals, you will definitely be a long step closer to realizing your career dream in Finland. See you soon, we hope!

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