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From the Philippines to Finland: Filipino Nurse Cyndy’s Journey

Picture of a Filipino Nurse Working in Finland.

Cyndy Liongson, a registered nurse from the Philippines, always dreamt of working overseas.

After considering different options, she eventually chose Finland as her new home. “Before I moved to Finland in September 2022, I worked as a registered nurse in the Philippines. Before I saw an ad for a job in Finland, I had thought about moving to the United States or the United Kingdom,” she says.

With the help of Barona, a recruitment agency, she was able to relocate to Finland and work in her dream job in nursing.

Simple and Friendly Recruitment Process

Barona’s simple recruitment process drew Cyndy’s attention. She found it easy to approach and was quickly selected for the job.

Although she had to undergo 7 months of online language training, the recruitment process was fast and consistent.

Now, Cyndy is working as a registered practical nurse at Kitinkannus, providing holistic care to elderly residents in homecare settings

New Experiences and Opportunities

Moving to Finland has allowed Cyndy to experience the country’s unique features. She enjoys the pure nature and world-class education system that Finland offers. As a mother of two children, Finland is an ideal place for her to raise her family and provide them with excellent education opportunities.

“Finland seemed like a fantastic place to live: my children can attend good colleges and become global citizens here. Also, Finland offers beautiful nature and four seasons to enjoy,” Cyndy describes.

Simple Integration with Barona’s Continuous Support

Barona provided continuous support to candidates throughout the recruitment and integration processes. Cyndy felt welcomed as soon as she arrived in Finland, and her settling-in process was made easy. She quickly learned about Finland’s society and language.

“When we arrived in Helsinki, people from Barona were at the airport to welcome us.  They hosted a welcoming event informing us about Finnish culture and workplace norms. They also provided accommodation and internet access, allowing me to work and study”, Cyndy says.

Cyndy was also assigned a mentor in the workplace who helped her with work procedures and terminology, making it effortless for her to fit in and feel at ease in her position.

Video of Cyndy’s experiences working as a Nurse in Finland


Cyndy Liongson’s journey to pursue her dream job in Finland is a testament to the excelling work possibilities Barona offers in Finland.

Barona’s simple recruitment process, continuous support, and commitment to candidates’ success make them stand out as a recruitment agency. Finland’s unique features and excellent education system make it an ideal destination for those seeking new experiences and opportunities.


Work as a nurse in the happiest country in the world. There are plenty of job openings for nurses in Finland.

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