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CNC Machinist job in Finland has opened new possibilities for Ragul

Juha Niemi Barona
Ragul, operator CNC pracujący w Finlandii

Ragul Jothi Ramalingam, who was born in India, now lives in Nokia and works as a CNC Machinist for Sandvik, a global company.

Without the right connections, it’s hard to find a job in a new country, but Barona helped Ragul land his dream job in the field. “I got my degree in 2013 and started working in the industrial field in India. The path that I traveled took me from India to Romania. Before I moved to Finland, I worked there for a few years. Before I got my job as an engineer at Sandvik, I had worked as one for a total of eight years. Barona helped me through the whole process when I moved to Finland for good,” says Ragul.

The journey from applying to being hired as a CNC machinist

Ragul got his new job through LinkedIn. Barona offered him a job in Finland that was a good fit for him. The hiring process went smoothly because Barona set up interviews and then checked the candidates’ backgrounds before going on to the next step. As a foreign applicant, Ragul also got a lot of help filling out and translating the applications he needed to submit.

“First, Barona helped me fill out the forms I needed for the job. After a few interviews and background checks, I continued communicating with Sandvik, the company that would hire me. “Luckily, I got the job as a CNC machinist and started working in Finland in August 2022,” Ragul says.

Employee integration is a crucial part of the hiring process

As a professional recruitment company, Barona takes the integration process for international employees seriously. When Ragul finally arrived in Finland, it was easy for him to move into the place where he was staying, which was close to his job. Ragul is also thankful that Barona helped him complete all the paperwork required by the Finnish authorities.

“Barona has helped me a lot through all of this. They found me a nice place to live and helped me with things like tax cards and KELA appointments. Thanks to the people at Barona, it was easy for me to adjust to Finland. Now, they are even helping my wife find a job in Finland so that our whole family can live in one place, says Ragul.

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Work-life balance improves the Quality of life

Even though Finland is very different from India, Ragul found it easy to settle down in a country with a wide range of job possibilities. In their new home country, they have been pleasantly surprised by things like a low hierarchy at the workplace and regular work hours.

“When I started my job as a CNC machinist, I had a six-month training period during which my coworkers were very helpful. At first, I was nervous about being in a new place, but the good work environment made me feel right at home. Every day at work, I face new tasks, which is fun because the people I work with in Finland are kind and helpful. I think that one of the best things about working in Finland is that you can trust your coworkers. Here, I don’t have to work on weekends. Ragul says, “I can really enjoy my free time.”

CNC Machinist Ragul talking with a colleague.

Enjoying free time in Finland biking and meeting new friends

In Finland, balancing between work and free time is made easy, so people have time for hobbies and family. Ragul spends his free time in Finland enjoying pure nature and its endless recreational opportunities. Ragul says that moving to a new country has given him fresh perspectives on life and that the future looks full of options.

“In my free time, I like to spend time in nature and on Finland’s many lakes. I like to ride my bike and meet new people who live close by. I’m very happy in Finland because work isn’t as stressful as it was in India. I’m thankful to Barona because I wouldn’t have had this chance without them. Ragul says, “Barona is a reliable employer because they tell the truth and are open about what they are doing.


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