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Mechanical engineer Tamas had a remarkable start in Finland

Mechanical engineer presenting a prototype to his colleagues

Meet 30-year-old Tamas Toth, a mechanical engineer from Hungary who took a leap of faith and ended up thriving in Finland. Despite barely landing in Finland, his solid grasp of Finnish is winning over the locals. Tamas was fascinated by the Finnish language during his academic years, which is how his adventure to this Nordic country began. He had been learning Finnish for five years when he decided to consider moving to Finland to pursue better opportunities and an exciting career. Tamas thinks, “I made it here because of the Finnish language.”

With experience in diverse fields, Tamas is a talented Mechanical Engineering graduate. He designed modern kitchen appliances in his native country and had an important role in designing and developing tire production at a factory. Additionally, he learned the nuances of installation work during his apprenticeship in a Polish workshop. This varied experience has made Tamas an adaptable professional ready to take on any task.

Becoming a mechanical engineer in Finland: it takes an online application and a job interview

Through Barona, Tamas discovered a fascinating work opportunity in Helsinki and decided to take a chance. He applied for a job opportunity for which he did not have much experience, but after the interview with the Barona recruiter, he got a better work proposal as a Mechanical Designer at ABB. After a face-to-face interview with a recruiter from Barona, Tamas had a second interview with ABB. He emphasized his coding abilities throughout the recruitment process, which both Barona and ABB found appealing. “I think Barona and ABB liked the fact that I had a little bit of coding background through my Linux hobby”, says Tamas.

The interviews exceeded his expectations and brought him a desirable job offer. Tamas started a new chapter by commencing his job in Helsinki only a few weeks later. He couldn’t be more content with where he is now, half a year through his adventure.

It was such an exciting thing coming to work in Finland. In a nutshell, everything has been great. Unlike my previous jobs, I now can’t wait to get to work in the morning.

Tamas Toth, mechanical engineer from Hungary

Tamas’ role at ABB involves designing specialized engines and their components in order to meet each client’s specific needs. He works closely with his team or a colleague to create the best solutions possible, suited to the client’s requirements. Tamas finds the task to be not only fascinating but also very educational. He admits, “I have a profound sense of curiosity inherited from my father when it comes to mechanical matters. And there’s a lot to learn in this job.”

Barona: Fueling Career Growth

Tamas has had nothing but positive experiences throughout his six months with Barona. He praises the superb handling of employment-related issues, pointing out how simple it is to obtain medical care at private hospitals in the case of illness. Tamas’ career has gotten off to a great start thanks to Barona, who has given him the tools he needs to succeed.

A New Chapter Unfolds: From Barona to ABB

Tamas’ cooperation with Barona ends, as he embarks on a new chapter in his professional career and continues his work path with ABB. He initially had doubts about how his proficiency in the Finnish language would affect his chances of landing a job. And he is deeply thankful to ABB for having faith in him. Also, he expresses his sincere gratitude to the talented recruiter at Barona who showed professionalism and foresight by seeing a job opening that was flawlessly compatible with his professional background.

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