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8 reasons to visit Lapland

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Landscape image of Lapland. Fronzen treese covered with snow

The roughly 400,000 km2 Lapland region of northern Scandinavia abounds with thick woods, snow-capped mountains, and clear lakes. Lapland is vast and spans four different countries. But what intriguing hidden gems are located in the Finnish part of Lapland? In this blog article, we’ll look into the unique facts and phenomena that make Lapland a fascinating destination, offering something genuinely special to each and every tourist. Get ready to travel into Lapland’s winter beauty and learn about the 8 exceptional things that make this region a must to visit.

Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle, which outlines the Arctic region’s edge, crosses into Lapland. Visitors who cross this line can even get a certificate to mark the moment. It is a meaningful and thrilling experience. Rovaniemi, which serves as both the territory’s administrative capital and commercial hub is just 5 km away from the Arctic Circle.

Northernmost McDonald’s worldwide

The northernmost McDonald’s in the entire world is located in Rovaniemi. Aside from fast food outlets, the city is home to a wide range of cafés, international restaurants, local bars, and nightclubs that ensure nonstop entertainment long into the early hours of the morning. Given the city’s two universities, which annually draw over 10,000 students from Finland and other countries, Rovaniemi is a hive of cultural activities and urban entertainment.

Land of Aurora Borealis

From September through March, the arctic glow known as the Aurora Borealis can be seen in the sky above the Arctic Circle. However, the aurora might not always be seen, so don’t get dissapointed if you miss when you visit Lapland. But there are different apps, like Aurora Alert that display the likelihood of witnessing the aurora in your area and serve as a great help for you.


While saunas are an important part of Finnish culture, saunas in Lapland take the experience to a whole new level. Picture this: relaxing in a steamy Finnish sauna on a frozen lake coast and then cooling down in the chilly outdoor air – definitely an unforgettable experience. For the brave souls, you can take a daring dip in the ice hole cut in the frozen lake. A relaxing and invigorating experience in the most extraordinary way.

Lapland’s wintertime attractions

Ice fishing and snowmobiling are just two of the many unique activities you can find during your visit in Lapland. Dog enthusiasts shouldn’t pass up a trip to one of the many husky farms in Lapland, which provides the rare opportunity to try a dogsled ride through the gorgeous landscape. Also extremely popular are reindeer sleigh rides. They have been a vital part of the way of life of the indigenous people ever since they were formerly the only mode of transportation in the largely snow-covered area. Did you realize that there are more reindeer than people in Lapland? Therefore, seeing a reindeer on the road is not unusual at all.

Ice hotels – top landmarks when visiting Lapland

There are also unique ice-only hotels in Lapland. Use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay in one of these hotels and explore the rooms, which are furnished entirely with ice. Try one of the regional beverages offered in ice glasses by stopping by an ice bar.

Zdjęcie Zaidy, która pracuje jako kelnerka na sezon zimowy w Laponii.

Meet Zaida – working as a waitress in Lapland at Barona!

The official residence of Santa Claus: a reason to visit Lapland with the family

The place where Santa Claus resides officially is Rovaniemi. At any time of year, Santa Claus and his elves may be found in the Santa Claus Holiday Village where you can meet them, take their picture, and get a warm welcome in your native tongue. Interested to spend you Christmas in Finland? Check how it is celebrated.

Lapland’s Sami people – one of the oldest living civilizations

Lapland’s native population is known as the Sami. Don’t skip a trip to the neighborhood museum while you are in Rovaniemi to discover more about their history. The hub of Sámi life in Finland, Inari village, is home to a sizable portion of the Sámi population. The island of Ukonsaari, which is sacred to the Sámi community, as well as the Sámi Parliament, a museum, and a Sámi culture center, are all located there.

The safest region in the world

And did you know that Lapland has almost no crime? Locals typically don’t lock their homes, have unfenced, open gardens, and leave their car keys in the vehicle.

How to get a seasonal job in Lapland?

  1. Read more about the Lapland region:

    Climate, temperature, special characteristics, benefits, and challenges living there.

  2. Check online for open positions in Lapland

    Mostly, the jobs available in Lapland are in the tourism and hospitality sectors, during the winter high-peak season. Barona has plenty of open jobs in Lapland available.

  3. Apply for the position(s) that suit you the most

    Send your job application and wait for a recruiter or hiring manager to contact you.

  4. Be convincing during the job interview

    If you get to the interview, make sure to ask all the questions you have on your mind, while also leaving a good impression.

  5. Wait for the work contract

    You will get a call and if you’re proposed a job, sign the work agreement and pack yourself for an unforgettable journey in Lapland.

Curious about visiting Lapland?

How about working in Lapland?

Santa Claus' home in Rovaniemi, Finland during winter
Living in the Nordics Winters in Finland